Mary Ward, led by the Spirit, believed that women should not be afraid to take new paths in the service of the Church, and be open and ready to respond to the signs of the times where the need is greatest. Discerning the greatest need is only possible where there is attentive love, disponibility of spirit and freedom from fear. Learning to listen and feel with profound attentiveness the desires God has for each one of us leads us into a unique relationship with our Creator and ‘find God in all things’. The same Spirit leads us to integrity in who we are as members of the Church and of our Congregation, both personally living our life in Christ in-depth and an integrity in how we put into action a love of neighbour and a search for the common good.

Statements on JPIC issues

Statements at the UN

Please find here the up to date statements delivered by our UN representatives from our office in New York at the United Nations.