Lent 2024

🌱✨ Welcome to a season of reflection, renewal, and action! This Lent, join us on a profound journey of spiritual growth and social responsibility through the Mary Ward JPIC Calendar and other Lenten resources from our members in Ireland and Laudato Si movement (https://trello.com/b/idRL1E1q/lent-2024-europe)

📅 Dive into our comprehensive calendar, thoughtfully curated with daily reflections, prayers, and actions rooted in justice, peace, and integrity of creation. Explore engaging content, stories of inspiration, and practical steps to make a meaningful impact in your community and beyond. 🌍💚

Embrace this opportunity to deepen your connection with God, humanity, and the planet as we walk together in solidarity and compassion. Let us be catalysts for change, embodying the spirit of Mary Ward and her commitment to building a more just and compassionate world. 💫