Laudato Si 7-year Action Plan – Second Edition

We are happy to share with you our readers the 2022 reflections on our journey with Laudato Si’ 7-year Action Plan. In this edition, you will find reflections on what is happening in our lives and mission in regard to what we are doing to protect the planet – Our Common Home. It is interesting to note that, clearly, each member has something to contribute to the 7-year plan and we have opportunities too to learn from each other. Mary Ward Family continues to find ways to live the spirit of Laudato Si’ – many trees have been planted; many kitchen gardens are being nurtured; there are continued efforts to reuse, repair, re-cycle; saving water and electricity; embracing green energy; promoting human rights; community participation etc. At the end of the first year of the Laudato Si’ Action Plan we count our blessings and look forward with hope. We appreciate the creativity many are using to strengthen our shared resolve to protect Mother Earth. May our efforts of the 2nd year of the Action Plan come to fruition. Jesus say Amen.

Pauline IBVM & Adina CJ