Celebrating Earth Day in Delhi

On 22nd April, 2022, our school marked the ‘Earth Day’ by presenting a morning prayer assembly and conducting several competitions. The programme began with speeches, in which JPIC members introduced the theme and highlighted the importance of the day. They emphasised the immediate need for actions that would help heal mother earth. Competitions such as slogan-writing and digital photography were also conducted. Selected students came up and spoke their slogans aloud and appealed to everyone for necessary actions that all can take now. Students enthusiastically took part in a photography competition in which they captured moments from nature where nature is blushing in its peaceful attire. They emphasised not disturbing its peace, but rather making efforts to its natural jewels intact. Later on, students presented a ‘mime act’ in which they depicted all the wrong actions done by us in our daily life such as; wasting water, wasting electricity, carbon emission and animal hunting. They also showed ways and means as to how we can limit and reduce such activities that hamper the resources of the earth. To build up motivation in students, the winners of the competitions were awarded several prizes.

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