IBVM sisters in Zambia recently became the Managing Agent for a new College of Nursing & Midwifery in Lukulu, in the Western Province of Zambia.  The Sisters have had a presence in this remote corner of Zambia since 2006 where they have been involved in development work in the areas of Education and Health.  It is thus a fitting tribute that they have been asked by the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Mongu to manage and run this new College of Nursing & Midwifery which bridges both the Education and Health sectors.  It is the first tertiary institution in the area that offers Diploma level education and will give opportunity and hope to young people in this underdeveloped area of the country who have been deprived of access to such post-school training facilities over the years.  It will also strengthen the primary health care services in the area by training local young people who are used to living in such a remote area and the challenging conditions which this entails.  Currently, the Ministry of Health is challenged by staff retention, which in turn has a negative impact on health service delivery, because people deployed from elsewhere fail to adjust to the remote rural way of living and immediately request transfer to more urban centers once deployed.  It is hoped that the young people from the area, being close to family and used to the harshness of the environment, will more readily serve as nurses in the local community once trained. (Pat Hanvey IBVM)   On this and more read here