An online Eco Carnival

”In the words of Walt Disney – ‘All our dreams can come true if we have
the courage to pursue them.’ ‘Eco Carnival’ was a dream come true for
Sr. Marilla D’Souza, our Principal and the Junior Section of Loreto, Elliot Road. The concept of organising an Environmental Fest was conceived at the beginning of the academic year 2020. However, with the Pandemic came the uncertainty of organising this event.

As months passed by, working on the virtual platform became the ‘New Normal’. It was then that I approached Sr. Marilla and asked her if we could organise the fest online. Sister readily agreed and immediately began the preparations. Organising it online meant the possibility of including a larger number of participating schools. Therefore, Loreto Institutions from every part of India were contacted . Our twin school , St. Alfred’s , Bangladesh was also invited to be a part of this dream project.”

Mrs. Rosalinda Edwina Ireland, Junior Section Coordinator

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