Kenya-Wanawake Bulletin

The pandemic has been a lifechanging milestone for many.
From the onset, the COVID-19 has led people to despair, depression
and hopelessness to say the least. However, this period has also shown
to have some unique and positive things. It has created a chance to stop
and reflect on important issues in our lives. With social distancing measures limiting people’s lives, many have got a chance to think about what really matters.

Coronavirus – COVID 19 Notification

Our world has been hit by the COVID 19 pandemic since the first case was reported in December 2019. This has presented enormous challenges and disruptions to our lives. We remain eternally grateful to all frontline responders: a big thank you to each one of them. We acknowledge too the contribution of our sisters in their commitment to the poor, the vulnerable and the marginalized all over the world.  Unfortunately, the virus is still spreading with many parts of the world experiencing bulging in numbers. Please let us remain vigilant and follow regulations and advisories: wear the mask, sanitize your hands and observe social distance.