Celebrating Environmental Day at AOSK Mombasa Unit

Text prepared by: Sr. Rainer Boniface IBVM, AOSK MOMBASA UNIT,

We celebrate environmental Day every year on 05th June, but this time it fell on the Pentecost Sunday. Therefore, with available chance for AOSK MOMBASA UNIT to hear the cry of the poor and care for the Earth, we celebrated this day on 25th June 2022 at Mahali pa Usalama rescue
Centre in Tudor, Mombasa.

This rescue Centre has 39 children with on going cases of abuse whose homes cannot offer them proper support or kept away so that the suspects may not tamper with evidence. They are kept safe here as their issues are being sorted out for justice to be served to the abusers. It is a center under the Archdiocese of Mombasa, run by Charity sisters of the good shepherd. In order to mark this day, we wanted to plant trees at this home, but there was no enough space. But again there was a need for the children to have a balanced diet. We asked the sister in charge to create a small space at least for fruit trees, which will be of benefit to the children in future. Our request was granted and a space for four trees was available.

As the AOSK Team, we bought four fruit trees. 2 grafted mango trees (one apple Mango and the other is Ngoe Mango tree). One Pix tree and one Tangerine tree. This will help the Centre have their own fruit grown naturally for health benefits and at the same time, on environment; we
have reduced the Carbon footprint hence we hope for good fresh air. Then we were able to buy them bales of wheat flour for their meal.

We educated the children on the importance of taking care for their environment and avoid the throw away culture, so that together in our small ways we may care for mother earth and curb the current climate change.

We are grateful to God that we were able to reach out the poor and at the same time cared for environment. It was a successful day.