Loreto IBVM Provincialate

September Newsletter

We are living in a world of noise, fear, disturbances. When we were being formed in our mother’s womb we remained in total silence yet we knew or could feel every feeling and thought of our mothers. How was that possible? Then we made our grand entry into this world of noise by making a loud cry. We became used to the noise. Slowly as we grew up we got accustomed to a lot of external noise and when in silence our internal noise of many kinds continued. In our long training and life experience, we have learnt to silence that internal noise by practising various methods. So in my long experience of life, I have realized that both external and internal silence is a must to be in tune with the Divine within. What has been helpful in this process is yoga, pranayama and meditation: taking care of body mind and spirit. It’s a lifelong process, to be continued till the end of our journey on this planet. In this state of silence and solitude, one gains self-knowledge and is thus able to understand others.

Silence is a state of being, an attitude. In static and dynamic states silence is retained as an attitude. It’s dynamic. Silence trusts hopes and loves. When in trust it remains without judging and reflects on everything that it trusts. When in hope it does not despair. Hope faces anxiety with courage. When in love, silence is a symbol of presence rather than absence. Ultimately silence is God himself in the human heart. In silence, it is possible to be in the present moment, to be mindful of all one does and to be in a state of Christ- Consciousness throughout the day.
I am so grateful to God and proud of my Mary Ward family for all that I have received and continue to receive daily. All for His greater glory and praise. Sr Yvonne IBVM

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