JPIC activities in Nepal

On International Women’s Day our community gathered, along with our hostel students, in the school assembly ground to celebrate all that our co-workers do for their loved ones and our school here. A meaningful prayer service was conducted by our hostellers in gratitude for the selfless and dedicated services of our co-workers. Everyone enjoyed the games and our co-workers proved their smartness in winning the games. The celebration ended with a fellowship meal together.

On the feast of St. Joseph, our community was invited to St. Joseph’s School to celebrate the great feast. Rt. Rev. Bishop Paul Simick was the main celebrant of the day. The celebration concluded with agape. The end of schooling is the beginning of something new. Moving on to new horizons signals the end of one season and the emergence of another. A farewell program was organized, with great fervour and enthusiasm, by the students and teachers of Class IX on 18th April for the outgoing students of Class X. The juniors created varieties of enjoyment for their seniors to make their last memories in the school something to cherish forever. While the outgoing students expressed their gratitude to the school for giving them knowledge and good values for their lives, Sr. Catherine expressed her gratitude to the students for being a part of the Marian family for the past ten years. Today, it is with helplessness we watch in the media the pathetic and painful stories of Covid deaths in India and Nepal. We extend our prayerful support to all those who suffer.

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