Creativity through the COVID 19 crisis in Kenya

During the unexpectedly tough times of Covid-19 pandemic, creative engagement became the only means of exhibiting the inbuilt talents, and gifts that had not been explored due to the limitations of space and time. The challenging times became a blessing in disguise enabling the sisters to be more innovative and more creative like no one had expected.
Earlier in March (when the first case was reported in Kenya), everyone’s interest was ‘how many cases were reported at the end of each day’. As days went by, this became less exciting and everyone started concentrating on how to cope with the reality, rejuvenating ourselves and finding practical ways of surviving the pandemic while getting engaged in productive activity.
This newsletter is a glimpse into the wondrous experiences of sisters putting to use their giftedness and creativity as a way of living through the tough months of Covid-19 lockdown. Being on lockdown did not lock creativity. These activities kept everyone optimistic and hopeful that
we shall overcome someday, we shall live to tell the story.

Coronavirus – COVID 19 Notification

Our world has been hit by the COVID 19 pandemic since the first case was reported in December 2019. This has presented enormous challenges and disruptions to our lives. We remain eternally grateful to all frontline responders: a big thank you to each one of them. We acknowledge too the contribution of our sisters in their commitment to the poor, the vulnerable and the marginalized all over the world.  Unfortunately, the virus is still spreading with many parts of the world experiencing bulging in numbers. Please let us remain vigilant and follow regulations and advisories: wear the mask, sanitize your hands and observe social distance.