Like many other parts of the world, we were put on lockdown due to COVID 19 pandemic in March this year. During this time, we decide to engage ourselves in various ways in order to make good use of the time but also to tap our different talents. This was an amazing journey. Some of the activities include: designing paper and ribbon decorations; beadwork and designing altar clothes e.g. Purificators. It has given us tremendous fulfillment. We have discovered some hidden talents as well as learning new skills which we definitely have come to appreciate. Some have even developed an interest in knitting sweaters.

Here is some of the beadwork and the paperwork

The altar clothes: purificators, corporals and finger towels.

Coronavirus – COVID 19 Notification

Our world has been hit by the COVID 19 pandemic since the first case was reported in December 2019. This has presented enormous challenges and disruptions to our lives. We remain eternally grateful to all frontline responders: a big thank you to each one of them. We acknowledge too the contribution of our sisters in their commitment to the poor, the vulnerable and the marginalized all over the world.  Unfortunately, the virus is still spreading with many parts of the world experiencing bulging in numbers. Please let us remain vigilant and follow regulations and advisories: wear the mask, sanitize your hands and observe social distance.