Nyumbani Children’s Home

Nyumbani Children’s Home is a project that cares for children living with HIV. It was born out of a desire to provide a sense of ‘home or family’ for children who were abandoned because they were living with HIV: a very unique idea of a blended family, thanks to Fr. Angelo D’Agostino, SJ. He envisaged that with this model, grandparents would be incorporated as heads of the families to give a home to these children which indeed meant that they had a family. This meant that grandparents would take over from the children headed families in the absence of their parents. Today, according to the Director Sr. Mary Owens IBVM, there are 100 grand-parent headed families in residence, with about 1000 children. Nyumbani Children’s Home is home to many children who are living as close as possible to family life! A true manifestation of Christian compassion. May the children realize their hopes and dreams in life.