COVID-19, Romania

Although the children have been at home since the state of emergency was declared, the Maria Ward Social Center has practically not stopped its activity. We wanted to be with the children we have enrolled in the education program and with their families. In many cases, the parents worked as day volunteers and in these times were left without sources of income. Gradually many other single and helpless families and elders asked for our help and we could not remain indifferent to their cry.
Maria Ward Social Center was a consolation for all of them because you made this possible together with many other companies and organizations from Suceava, Botoșani, Neamț and Ilfov counties, Bucharest, people from the diaspora, but also simple, old people from their pension they donated food, money and what they had in the pantry. These efforts were joined by special volunteers who supported us with energy and dedication to reach those in need. What was hard and hopeless at first has turned into a community force that proves you can push your limits when you want to do good.